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Featured Products

451351 fsi carbon 5 blk?1549009452

F-Si Carbon 5 2019 BLK 29 Sizes: S, M & L

USD 2,185.00
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451350 carbon 4 vlt?1549009117

F-Si Carbon 4 VLT 29 2019 Sizes: S & M

USD 2,995.00
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451349 fsi carbon 3 ard?1549008911

F-Si Carbon 3 ARD 29 Sizes S & M

USD 3,495.00
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451348 fsi carbon 2 bpl?1549008455

F-Si Carbon 2 BPL 29 2019 Sizes: S & M

USD 4,990.00
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451342 fsi world cup?1549007686

F-Si HM World Cup 2019 29 Sizes S & M

USD 8,550.00
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451324 2016 gt karakoram 29 elite rawnavy s?1548931518

GT Karakoram Elite AL 2016 Size - M

USD 590.00
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451323 gt zasker comp 2017 al?1548931333

GT Zaskar Comp AL 27.5 2017 M

USD 1,000.00
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451321 g17 g26307m 29 m zaskar crb elite nyl 1?1548930978

GT Zaskar Elite Carbon 27.5 2017 NYL Size - L

USD 1,500.00
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451319 g16 g11306m raw?1548930302

GT Grade Carbon 105 2016 sizes: 51, 53, 56

USD 1,100.00
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449667 g19 g23159m 26 m labomba pur os?1546668385

GT La Bomba 2019

USD 1,140.00
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449666 trail 5 2019?1546668027

Cannondale Trail 5 2019

USD 860.00
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449614 trail tango 3?1546401391

Trail Tango 3 Tangerine 2019

USD 760.00
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About Us


Flying Bikes Shop was originally a motorcycle shop which was established in 1999.

In 2010, the founders decided to start a bicycle business so they travelled to Germany for the Eurobike Show and took the Distributorship for Cannondale and GT bikes. To differentiate the bicycle activity, we called it Flying Bikes 2.

FB2 offers a wide variety of bicycle types including road, mountain, hybrids, fitness, BMX and kid’s bikes. FB2 also offers a wide selection of bicycle accessories including but not limited to apparel, safety gear and spare parts.

The services we offer are more than just selling we have skilled and trained bicycle mechanics to service your bikes. 


- We are genuine cycling people, we ride everyday.
- We organise many cycling events such as racing, social/fun rides and charity rides.
Most of the bicycle races are organised by us, we are working very closely with the Cambodian Cycling Federation in order to bring the standard of the elite riders so they can compete in International events.


At FB2, we are committed to ensuring our customers have the best biking experience in Cambodia. We want to share the knowledge and experiences we have and extend our biking family. Our team consists of experienced racers, trained mechanics. Racing is in our blood, we have our own racing team, for road bike and mountain bikes, four of our riders are members of the Cambodian National Team.